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6 Ways Team Building Activities Improve Your Business

Team building activities are successfully used by companies to achieve intense learning, increasing the level of team skills and effective communication between employees. By the end of a team building day, your employees will experience a sense of achievement from having to work as part of a team, building on their existing communication skills. They should return to work feeling refreshed, invigorated and with an increased skill set to draw from.

  • Improved communication skills

Group participation in team building activities is great for breaking down any barriers between employees. A good idea to create greater company cohesion is to get two people who don’t work together to participate as a team. The group will learn new ways of working together to complete the task, highlighting the multiplicity of skills your employees possess. By choosing activities that place an emphasis on communication, you allow your employees to experience for themselves the need for adequate communication.

  • The development of team roles

Members of every team will have some roles that they’re suited to more than others. Whilst some will be better suited at focusing on objectives and delegating, others will be more suited to ensuring a job is done correctly and free from errors. Team building exercises will give you an insight to your employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Develop new skills

In a busy office, your employees may find it difficult to make time to develop new skills, and managers don’t often have the time to assess for new skills. Team building exercises will give you the opportunity to assess the skills and talents of your employees. You can nurture leadership skills by offering tasks where everyone takes a turn being in charge.

  • Better working relationships

With team building exercises, everyone starts with the same level of knowledge on the task, making participation fair. The novelty of this results in employees creating new process skills to successfully complete the task. Not only this, but the new experience means employees will work together in close proximity, building professional relationships in an efficient way.

  • Long term benefits of team building

A strong team will lead to major gains for businesses of any size. By allowing employees to combine their skill sets and achieve more, companies will see higher revenue. Additionally, as your employees will have closer working relationships, cross-departmental challenges will be dealt with in a far more efficient manner. Your employees will feel more integrated into a positive workplace culture, providing you with a lower staff turnover. Teams will be more empowered to become mission focused, and achieve more with less management, saving the company time and money.

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22nd October 2015
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