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How to celebrate success in your business

As businesses grow and grow, they’ll accomplish a whole range of successes – new clients, new partners, new personal bests, and so on. Companies and their employees can thrive off these achievements, which is exactly why they should be made known of and celebrated where possible. But how should you celebrate achievements and deals in…
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The importance of workplace appreciation

When was the last time a co-worker said thank you? It’s either something you remember vividly or unfortunately hasn’t happened at all. That’s because positive reinforcement sticks with us. It makes the Monday mornings and the tight deadlines worth it. Knowing we’re doing a good job makes all the difference when times get tough. If…
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What to Consider in Your Office Design

Many businesses overlook office design, despite it being an integral factor in the success of your business. The lay-out of your office and its design features all have an impact on how your employees communicate with each other, their ability to perform certain functions and tasks and their general well-being and happiness. By taking some…
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How You Should Treat Your Favourite Clients

Excellent customer service is an imperative for success in today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment. It’s also one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your favourite clients should ultimately be the ones that bring you most revenue, but you could use these tips and advice on your entire client’s as a…
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Maximise your Office’s Productivity with These Easy Tips

It’s not enough for your employees to simply turn up to their desks and receive a paycheque in order for your business to thrive and succeed. No matter the size of your workplace, you business needs to be driven by achievement and efficiency that results in tangible results for you, and your employees find rewarding….
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Rules to Follow at your Office Party This Year

The traditional office party provides you with the chance to meet up with your work colleagues in a social situation, enjoy yourself and celebrate the end of the year. However, this doesn’t give you the excuse to act any less professional, as your managers and directors will most likely also be in attendance. If you…
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Essential Workplace Administration to Complete by the New Year

As the year begins to wind down, you should start to think of all the essential administration and tasks to complete before your office returns for work in 2016. As you start New Year’s preparations for your books, staff and industry, we’ve thought of some more tasks to think about before January comes around.

Avoid Workplace Issues Due to Winter Weather in 2015

Between employees taking extra leave around Christmas, and disruptions to roads and public transport, the office in the winter months can lead to chaos and staff shortages. It’s a very likely possibility that your company will also be hit by this, so it’s essential to have a clear set of guidelines in the winter months…
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6 Ways Team Building Activities Improve Your Business

Team building activities are successfully used by companies to achieve intense learning, increasing the level of team skills and effective communication between employees. By the end of a team building day, your employees will experience a sense of achievement from having to work as part of a team, building on their existing communication skills. They…
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