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3D Crystal Awards

Sometimes you need a deal tombstone that is a little bit different. More style and gravitas but less showy. A 3D crystal block could be just what you are looking for!

The muted tone of a 3D etched image inside a block of clear glass set against logos and deal information is a great vehicle for getting your message across.

As crystal is heaver than acrylic, one of these blocks feels more sturdy than a standard deal tombstone. And, with the level of detail that can be captured by our state of the art lasers it means you can really showcase that product, vehicle, building or whatever else is involved in your deal.

The clarity and image representation that we can achieve are simply astounding, but you don’t have to take our word for it – have a look through the gallery below and see for yourself.

Custom award design for businesses

What better way to reward excellence than with a customised corporate award? Whether you have a vision in mind already or need some creative help, our dedicated team of designers and manufacturers will create the bespoke tombstone that you are looking for.

No job is too big or too small for the team here at Podium Designs, just give us your ideas and your specifications and we’ll do our very best to match them. Unusual shapes, materials, colours, quantities and quirky design features – we’ll create the ideal souvenir for that celebrated business deal or new partnership announcement.

At Podium Designs, we have the experience and the knowledge needed to create top of the range, custom company awards and deal toys – all at the best prices too. We work quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively; producing 3D bespoke tombstones of the highest quality with a quick turnaround to meet every one of your requirements.

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