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Maximise your Office’s Productivity with These Easy Tips

It’s not enough for your employees to simply turn up to their desks and receive a paycheque in order for your business to thrive and succeed. No matter the size of your workplace, you business needs to be driven by achievement and efficiency that results in tangible results for you, and your employees find rewarding. When your office suffers from lower levels of efficiency and productivity, your office will undoubtedly suffer.


You need to ensure that all your employees are aware that they’re accountable for their actions, and make it clear they can’t blame someone else. This will encourage their work to be more accurate, and to be cautious when making decisions.


Often, you will set a task and expect it will be done, but every target and milestone needs to be followed up. This will allow you to see if the task is progressing as you expect, and if not, whether any other measures can be taken to complete it. This will also keep your employees on track, maintaining a consistent high level of effort throughout the task.

Manage, but don’t micro-manage

If you have a large number of employees, you’ll be aware that they need management, direction and assistance to complete their roles successfully. However, they also need to know that you trust them and give them freedom to operate in their own style, adopting and using measures that they believe deliver the best results. This will keep them happy and motivated, as well as allowing them to think for themselves.

Reward and recognise

Always make sure you have words of encouragement for your employees, as this is one of the best ways of helping them move forward and exceed their potential. When your employees feel happy, they’ll be far more motivated than otherwise. If employees don’t feel valued, their productivity will decrease and they may start looking elsewhere for employment.

Start conversations

Your employees will feel extremely valued when you take the time to simply talk to them for five or ten minutes about the company, and any ideas or suggestions they have. Use your interpersonal skills to make a connection with your employees, as they’ll feel a lot closer to you and motivated to work for you.

Set realistic targets

You should only set goals that a realistic and within the limits of achievement. If you’re aggressively chasing people to achieve outlandish goals, you’ll simply burn them out.

Ensure people are enjoying their work

The happy employee is the best performing employee, so you need to find ways to make your workforce happy. Make the work challenging and interesting, rather than boring and mundane to keep your employees motivated, engaged and happy. Good working conditions and a positive, inclusive work culture will also help your employees feel good about their professional lives.

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19th November 2015
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