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How to celebrate success in your business

As businesses grow and grow, they’ll accomplish a whole range of successes – new clients, new partners, new personal bests, and so on. Companies and their employees can thrive off these achievements, which is exactly why they should be made known of and celebrated where possible.

But how should you celebrate achievements and deals in the workplace? Whether big or small, individual or company-wide, all achievements, accomplishments and deals can be commemorated in some way, and we have some ideas for you.

Team lunch

It seems like a simple idea – and might even be something you already do on a weekly basis – however team lunches or dinners are a great way to celebrate a team victory of any sort. It gives you the time together as a team to discuss your win and congratulate individuals on their performance.

It can be as effortless and inexpensive as ordering in a takeaway for your team, or you could perhaps make it a bit more special by having a meal out at a restaurant with some bubbly! Either way, it will be a whole lot better than the packed lunch each of your team would normally have, making it an incentive for working hard – and of course, working well together as a team.


Teambuilding activities

Plan an activity ahead of a deadline date for some motivation, or perhaps some healthy competition between teams in your workplace. The list of ideas for a team activity is almost endless, but letting them know the fun plans you have in mind will give your staff something to look forward to once all the hard work is over.

Teambuilding is an important aspect of office culture as it builds and strengthens groups, boosting engagement and work ethic. Having teambuilding activities scheduled regularly throughout the year – whether annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or other – can really benefit any company.

Early finish

As with any business, achieving great things comes from a lot of time and effort being dedicated to it by your employees. There’s no doubt that they’ve faced longer hours than usual in the meantime, particularly in the run-up to the deadline or launch. If the result is something to celebrate, how about letting them off work early?

A couple of hours or half a day may not seem like much but it gives your staff time a little incentive to put those extra hours in – and not to mention, a bit of time off to re-cooperate, ready for the next  task ahead!



Celebrations are often associated with gifts, and business successes needn’t be an exception. If your employees have worked hard to achieve something, why not send them home with a gift to commemorate this? After all, they’re the people making your business look even better.

From vouchers to fruit baskets, gifting hardworking staff after any business or financial successes is a nice touch for any company. Not only will it encourage and motivate people to work harder, it will also be seen as a company benefit to future candidates and clients too.

Deal tombstones

Deal tombstones and trophies have proved an incredibly popular way to commemorate a successful achievement- particularly in the financial industry – since the 1970s, and there’s no stopping that popularity either. It provides your company with a tangible representation of your hard work and success that can be on display for time to come.

They are the perfect way to boast your successes and closed deals. Having them lined up in a cabinet or in the office means they’re on show for your employees, clients and other visitors to see and be impressed by. A selection of deal tombstones or awards on your shelves prove that you are a thriving company which, of course, is appealing to onlookers, whether they be potential new business partners or employees.

At Podium Designs, we have years of experience in designing and creating quality financial deal toys and business awards for a wide variety of companies. Designed and customised to meet all your requirements, our creations can be the ideal token of appreciation for staff and clients, as well as something you as a company can pride yourselves on.


Why it’s important to celebrate deals and other triumphs

Motivation and drive: The idea of prizes and celebrations can drive individual and team performance throughout your company. It’s all about incentives and knowing that recognition will be received.

Pride of relationships with clients: Company-client relationship is very important and by owning awards, or presenting your clients with their very own tombstone is a great way to show off that partnership or collaboration.

Workplace culture: Whatever way you choose to celebrate or commemorate triumphs, you have the idea of team. This encouragement and team spirit are essential to a good workplace culture.

Documenting milestones: Looking up to see an array of awards or collaboration tombstones is an appealing (and satisfying!) sight. It’s a lot more visual than list upon list of things your company has achieved or people they have worked with. Plus, it’s an easy way to share your success stories!

Party: Who doesn’t love a celebration? However you celebrate it, whether it’s one of these ideas or something else, people can enjoy having a good time in reward for their efforts.

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9th February 2017
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