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You’ve chosen a design and had the costs approved. So now what?

Well, time permitting, we always produce a physical prototype for you to approve – our pdf layouts are great but there is nothing like holding something in your hands, is there? This will take around 8-10 working days to manufacture.

If all is fine with the prototype, we then produce the balance of the order in around 10 working days although we can obviously move faster if you have a super tight deadline.

Now for the technical bit . . . there are several process’s involved in manufacturing and we thought you might like to know how it is done.

First we print the text and logos and place them in a mould before liquid acrylic is poured all around. The mould is then baked in a very hot oven overnight. Once cool, the unfinished block of acrylic is machined to shape and then highly polished to create a perfectly clear finish.

The finished item is quality checked (there are some things which we cannot check until the end of the process so we are super picky at this stage).

When, and only when we are sure everything is perfect, we pack your tombstones up and deliver them to anywhere in the world.

Here are a few interesting facts about acrylic:

  • It can be mixed to match virtually any colour
  • Semi-opaque, frosted and stone effects available
  • It can be laser cut or heated and bent to form shapes
  • It is half the weight of glass with better optical clarity
  • It is impact resistant with excellent durability
  • It can withstand temperatures from -30 to 160°C
  • And finally, it is 100% recyclable!!!