Our handy guide to ordering
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+44 (0)20 3764 0805

Helping you to get exactly what you want – our handy guide to commissioning


1. A quality brief equals quality results – the more information you can provide the better. Let us have your ideas, relevant websites, logos, images etc so that we have a basic direction to go in. If logos could be supplied in EPS format that would be perfect!

2. Focus leads to action – we will come up with several initial ideas and if you still want more options we can happily put them together for you. But be aware that working with lots and lots designs widens the focus and tends to cause indecision and delay. The secret of success is to narrow the focus on one key theme that can then be worked up into a few relevant designs so a winner may be chosen quickly and the job put into production without delay.

3. Money is not a dirty word – without a budget we are blind because our products can range in price from £30 each to over £250. Tell us what your budget is and we will get you the best possible results for what you want to spend.

4. Time is money – we aim to turn layouts and quotes round in 24hrs. A prototype of a regular tombstone would take 7-10 days and a further 10 working days for the full order. If there is a dinner or event booked please try to build enough time into the project – ideally you need four weeks for production, especially for a more complex design.

5. Be realistic! – We pride ourselves on being super creative and getting amazing outcomes for our customers, but we will be realistic about what can be achieved within your budget.

Here’s to working together in the future!

To get the process started, complete this commissioning template and email it back to us. (Richard to review and include more questions as appropriate)

  • Your name
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Telephone

What are you looking to commission?

  • a) financial tombstone
  • b) award
  • c) other

Brief description of the event/ activity that you are commissioning a piece for:

  • Estimated number of awards or tombstones needed
  • Your total budget for this project (excluding VAT)
  • Your delivery deadline
  • Details of logos or other supplied images you need including


Any ideas you have about shape and style (don’t worry if you haven’t got any!)